Gladly The Cross-Eyed Bear, Inc. is proud to be an IRS-recognized 501(c) (3) organization, a North Carolina registered charity, and a member of the North Carolina Center for Non-Profits for nine years and is fully compliant with all reporting and accounting laws and regulations.

While this may not seem like a "big deal" to some folks, it is a big deal to Gladly and his board of directors. All of Gladly's board members -- who are all volunteers and donate their time and talents to GTCEB -- have either worked for/are working for non-profits or are serving/have served on the boards of non-profits or both and fervently believe in organizational transparency and accountability. And we think those who donate to GTCEB expect that from our little non-profit. 


Want to order a Gladly The Cross-Eyed Bear?

Please send us an email at or call us at 910 821-8364 or fill out our contact form.


Gladly The Cross-Eyed Bear is pleased to announce that we now have Gladly Ambassadors living in all 50 US states, 5 Canadian provinces and 42 countries outside North America. For information on how to order a Gladly Ambassador, use the form on this page or contact us via Please also consider contributing to Gladly The Cross-Eyed Bear so we can continue to send Gladly Ambassadors at no charge to those who need a friendly, warm cross-eyed bear in their life!

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