An Uplifting Friend, Gladly The Cross-Eyed Bear seeks to bring a bit of sunshine into the lives of those who are struggling with rough days and too many unfriendly cross-eyed bears in their life.

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Gladly The Cross-Eyed Bear & His British Cousins

Gladly The Cross Eyed Bear was created by Jean Patty Armstrong (GTCEB CEO's mom), the Preacher's Kid who sometimes misunderstood what her dad said during his sermons - like  "the cross-eyed bear" instead of "the cross I bear". Gladly was created to give folks who were dealing with unfriendly cross-eyed bears a bit of joy and comfort and a sympathetic ear to talk to about those issues or problems causing them one too many "crosses to bear". Gladly Ambassadors are shipped to those in need at no charge anywhere in the world.


Gladly Ambassadors now reside in 47 states in the US; 4 Canadian provinces; and 10 foreign countries (England, Ireland, Portugal, Australia, Finland, Malawi, Uganda, Mexico, New Zealand and  Afghanistan.) We have shipped or delivered over 2100 Gladly Ambassadors in the past 3 years and, every day, Gladly makes new friends and gains new followers.


Gladly Ambassadors come in 3 sizes: Large Gladlys - 12 to 16 inches tall; Regular Gladlys - 7 to 9 inches tall; and, Pocket Gladlys - 1 1/2 to 3 inches tall. Visit our FB page to see some of the Gladlys in all three sizes.  And remember - there's never a charge to ship a Gladly Ambassador anywhere in the world!   

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